Strategic Planning & Town Hall Meetings

Below one will find ECCFPD Town Hall and Strategic Panning materials. 

If the internet allows, the District will FaceTime live  the meetings. Please click on the following link to connect to the District's Facebook Page:

The District will also record meetings and links to the recordings will be posted below as soon as possible after each meeting. Please visit the district's YouTube page for all recorded videos:

ECCFPD Strategic Planning Survey

(Available from June 25-July 08, 2018)

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Town Hall Presentation / Handout:

ECCFPD Town Halls Presentation 06-28-18 Oakley.pdfECCFPD Town Halls Presentation 06-27-18 Brentwood.pdfECCFPD Town Halls Presentation 06-19-18- Discovery Bay.pdfECCFPD Town Halls Presentation 06-18-18- Bethel Island.pdf


ECCFPD White Papers:

Property Tax Reallocation 1.pdfProperty Tax Re-Allocation 2.pdfBuilding Moratorium.pdfResponsibility to Provide Fire Protection Services.pdfDetachment from District.pdfDeclaration of Condition of Emergency.pdf


Relevant Strategic Planning Press Releases:

March 27th 2018 Infrastructure Update PR.pdfJanuary 22 2018 ECCFPD 2017 Accomplishments PR.pdfSeptember 28, 2017 ECCFPDs Statement on the Utilization of Volunteers.pdfJuly 09, 2017- ECCFPD Improving Transparency Education and Outreach Communications.pdfJuly 4 2017 The Fire District Must Begin to Build Solid Foundation.pdf


Town Hall Agendas:

June 28 Agenda for Strategic Planning Meeting.pdfJune 27 Agenda for Strategic Planning Meeting.pdfJune 19 Agenda for Strategic Planning MeetingECCFPD and Discovery Bay 6-19-18 Meeting Minutes.pdfJune 18 Agenda for Strategic Planning MeetingJune 18 2018 Town Hall Meeting Minutes.pdf