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Grants, Legislative Monthly Updates & Legislative Position Letters


ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report for August 2020ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report for July 2020ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report for June 2020ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report May 2020ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report April 2020ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report March 2020ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report February 2020ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report January 2020ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report December 2019ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report November 2019.pdfECCFPD Grants Monthly Report October 2019.pdfECCFPD Grants Monthly Report September 2019.pdfECCFPD Grants Montyly Report August 2019ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report July 2019ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report June 2019ECCFPD Grants Monthly Report_May_2019.pdfECCFPD Grants Monthly Report April 2019.pdfECCFPD Grants Monthly Report March 2019.pdfECCFPD Grants Monthly Report February 2019.pdfECCFPD Grants Monthly Report January 2019.pdfECCFPD Grants Monthly Report December 2018.pdfECCFPD Grants Monthly Report November 2018.pdf


ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report for August 2020ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report for July 2020ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report for June 2020ECCFPD Legislative Montly Report May 2020ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report April 2020ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report March 2020ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report February 2020ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report January 2020ECCFPD  Legislative Monthly Report December 2019ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report November 2019.pdfECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report October 2019.pdfECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report September 2019ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report August 2019ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report July 2019ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report June 2019ECCFPD Legislative Monthly Report May 2019.pdfECCFPD Legislative Report April 2019.pdfECCFPD Legislative Report March 2019.pdfECCFPD Legislative Report February 2019.pdfECCFPD Monthly Report January 2019.pdf2018 Year End Report and Looking Ahead ECCFPD.pdfECCFPD Monthly  Report November 20118.pdfECCFPD Monthly Report October 2018.pdfECCFPD Monthly Report September 2018.pdfECCFPD Monthly Report August 2018.pdfECCFPD Monthly Report July 2018.pdfECCFPD Monthly Report June 2018.pdfECCFPD Monthly Report May 2018.pdfECCFPD Monthly Report April 2018.pdf


Assembly Bills:

12-09-2019 AB 1484  (Grayson) Terner Report Roundtable Discussion Sessions Comments from ECCFPD09-19-2019 AB 1116 (Grayson) - Peer Support. (Request for Signature)08-14-2019 AB 1705 (Bonta) - Support08-14-2019 AB 1116 (Grayson) - Peer Support. (Support)04-19-2019 AB 1116 (Grayson) - Peer Support and Crisis Referral Services Pilot Program. (Support)04-19-2019 AB 1486 (Ting) - Oppose Unless Amended

Senate Bills:

08-25-2020 SB 1044 (Allen) - Request for Signature09-19-2019 SB 109 (Committe on Budget and Fiscal Review) - Budget Act of 2019 (Request for Signature)09-19-2019 SB 438 (Hertzberg) - Emergency Medical Services: Dispatch (Request for Signature)08-14-2019 SB 13 (Wieckowski) - Oppose08-08-2019 SB 438  (Hertzberg) - Emergency Medical Services (Support)04-19-2019 SB 438  (Hertzberg) - Emergency Medical Services (Support)05-30-2020 (Atkins) - Special District COVID-19 Fiscal Impacts and Request for Access to Fiscal Assistance

Federal Letters:

05-30-2020 (Garamendi) - Special Districts Provide Essential Service Act–SUPPORT04-24-2020 (Feinstein) - Phase 4 COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package