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Application Forms

Please use the forms below if you plan on applying for a Fire Construction Permit. If you don’t see a form that matches the kind of project you are doing, please use the “General Application”. If you have any questions, please call us at 925-240-2139 and leave a message.. You can also email us at

CC Authorization - General - CC AUTH-002.pdfCC Authorization - Plan Check - CC AUTH-001.pdfAlernate Means and Materials-Application 2018.pdfAMM-Application.pdfAS-Application 2018.pdfAutomatic Sprinklers-13D-Application 2018.pdfAutomatic Sprinklers 2018.pdfBurn Permit - Fillable.pdfCA-Application.pdfCE-Application.pdfClean Agent-Application 2018.pdfCylinder Exchange-Application 2018.pdfDEMO-Application 2018.pdfEmergency Responder Radio Coverage System Notification Form.pdfENG-General Application 2018.pdfEM-Emergency Repair Permit 2018.pdfFire Alarm-Application 2018.pdfFood Vendor Application.pdfHD-Application 2016.pdfHood Duct Extinguishing System-Application 2018.pdfHPS - High-Piled Storage Questionnaire.pdfInline Tennant-Application 2018.pdfInspection Record Card.pdfLPG-Application 2018.pdfLand Development-Application 2018.pdfLicensed Care Facility APPLICATION 2018.pdfMotor Vehicle Display-Application 2018.pdfNew Building Construction-Application 2018.pdfMedical Gas System- Application 2018.pdfPV-Application 2018.pdfPV Notification 2018.pdfSeismic Bracing Protection Application 2018.pdfSingle Family Residential-Application 2018.pdfSpray Booth-Application 2018.pdfSpecial Event Application 2018.pdfTennant Improvement-Application 2018.pdfUnderground Storage Tank Removal -Application 2018.pdfUnderground Water Supply-Application 2018.pdf