Training / EMS Division

The Training Bureau is responsible for the delivery of training programs for the professional development of fire district employees. The division prepares the employees to provide an effective response force to mitigate emergencies and potential emergencies. The bureau's programs include professional development, automatic and mutual aid training, communications management, occupational safety and the reserve firefighter program.

Training activities are scheduled on a daily basis. The Bureau.s Chief in charge of Training administers the scheduling and delivery of training. The District strives to deliver a wide range of training which includes State and Federally mandated topics, as well as discretionary subjects. Additionally, many employees are expanding their knowledge base by attending both fire service related and advanced degree courses on their own.

Career Academy
Our new hires must complete a minimum of 4-week Academy. There are 26 areas of instruction based on Firefighter II curriculum with an emphasis on Firefighting, EMS and Rescue skills. The training is comprehensive. Students will work in didactic and manipulative training.

Career Probationary Training
Once our new hires have completed the Academy, they will begin their Probationary Training. This training is also based on Firefighter II curriculum with an emphasis on the Fire District's performance standards and policies and procedures.